Dear Audience,

For TBJxWOT, players have been practicing very hard every day. It would be much appreciated if you could support them with a lot of cheers.
Please take photos and videos of the battles and put them on the SNS.

Every post of yours would help Tricking to be more recognized.
You could watch the battle from anywhere in the Space Theater, but please avoid standing in the stairways and escalator areas for the safety reasons.

What is Tricking?
Tricking is a sport which combines gymnastics, dance, and martial arts such as Karate, Capoeira, and Taekwondo into a whole new form of movement. Japanese Karate traveled to the United States and has developed its own way to this new sport.

What is a Tricking battle?
Tricking battle does not involve an actual physical fighting, but rather takes a form of showing each player’s movement like a dance competition.
The judgement is made based on the difficulty, height, quality, and landing of kicks and flips and also the smoothness of the combination of the tricks.
In the team battle, the synchronization of three players called routine and the creative combination influence greatly on the judgement.

About seating.
All seats are free of charge for the audience. There are 300 seats. Please take a seat of your choice.